Behind the scenes - Huntersville Children's Photographer

Video is a polarizing medium. People love it, or not so much. It is only fair to say that there is something captivating about seeing the behind the scenes process for anything. Because I have been thinking about video, I made a last minute decision to shoot a little behind-the-scenes of a quick photo shoot with my kids in one of my favorite spots during our walk tonight.

This video is imperfect. My four year old was supposed to be the subject, but being four, that didn’t work out. My daughter is always willing to help out, so she stepped in here. I am not video ready. This is just everyday me with a messy bun and no makeup after taking a mile hike in 90 degree weather.

The resulting images are below. These were all shot on my Nikon D750 DSLR with Sigma Art 35mm Lens


I plan to make more of these in the next few weeks, stay tuned!
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End of Summer Photo Sessions

Even with the hustle and bustle of back to school, I like to get my kids together for an end of summer photo shoot to remember the carefree days of summer, the sun-kissed skin and the longer evenings that disappear with each day of August.

I love photographing families in a natural and fun environment and this is the best time of year to catch them when the stress level is still low and you’re not trying to wrangle them into matching sweaters.

Summer at Lake Norman

Summer at Lake Norman

Catching a butterfly in the yard or dipping your toes into Lake Norman.

Charlotte, NC Summer

Charlotte, NC Summer


Sandy hugs for mom.

Waiting on a late summer baby for a maternity photoshoot!

Waiting on a late summer baby for a maternity photoshoot!


This will be good until August 25, 2019. Please contact me at to book today!

Fall Colors on Film

When we visited the pumpkin patch last weekend I was able to bring both my digital and film cameras. Film takes a little bit longer to process, but it is usually worth the wait. Here are some similar images to what I posted earlier this week, but this time on Kodak Film, Portra 400.